Hampton Stone Ltd - Celebrating 60 years 1946-2006


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Hampton Stone is manufactured from natural aggregates with a standard range of mixes designed to reproduce finishes similar to Bath and Portland Stone, Red Sand stone and Weathered Limestone. These mixes can be varied to meet particular situations. Other special textures and finishes can be supplied, for example, blocks and dressings to match existing buildings.

Reinforcement in units is either high tensile steel or, where there is a need, stainless steel. All cast-in lifting sockets and other fittings are in non-ferrous metals.

Continual development is undertaken to improve our products by adopting the latest techniques in design, moulding and manufacture.
* Architectural Cast Stone
Hampton Stone is produced using both semi-dry and wet-cast methods.

The natural stone aggregates used are drawn from various sources to reproduce Bath, Portland and other shades.

Moulds are generally manufactured in our own pattern shop from timber, glass reinforced plastic and rubber.

* Hampton Stone Fireplaces
Various designs are available, from the Raglan Fireplace to the very popular and traditional Tewkesbury Surround. We can also supply fireplaces to your own design - quotations are available on receipt of drawings.

*Hampton Cast Stone Blocks
Hampton Stone is a cast stone facing block for use as the external skin of cavity walls and is particularly suitable in areas where natural stone is the traditional building material. Particular attention has been paid to the face texture and colour by blending of natural stone and aggregates to give a finish which is pleasing, weathers naturally and will give an appearance which is sympathetic to the materials likely to be found in both new and refurbished work. Four standard textures are produced, Chiselstone, Axedstone, Draggedstone and Masonstone (a smooth ashlar finish). Other finishes, for example ribbed and chamfered, can be supplied to order.
Composition: The blocks are cast from a two-part mix; a facing mix of cement, stone dust and sand, and a backing mix of cement and aggregate. Shading where appropriate is provided by pigmentation.

Accessories: Window surrounds, lintols, cills, copings and other dressings can be supplied.

Shape: Standard blocks, quoins and end blocks are produced to complement our blocks. The standard block length is constant but some blocks have a false vertical joint. However our 215mm high Masonstone blocks can be supplied in either 440mm or 444mm lengths to suit jointing. Quoins are smooth-faced or textured. End blocks are finished as standard blocks on one face and one end. Sawn end blocks with two smooth-faced ends are available for window and door reveals.

Appearance: Hampton stone is available in several shades: Quarried Cotswold and North Cotswold both giving the appearance of freshly quarried stone. Weathered Cotswold and North Cerney Grey giving the appearance of weathered stone. Other shades eg Wye Valley Red and Ham Stone can also be supplied. The blocks can be laid to courses or randomly, using the 200 mm course height as jumpers.
Durability: the blocks may undergo colour changes, similar to natural stone, due to weathering.

For details of other products in our range, please ask for leaflets on Precast Concrete Bollards, Window Surrounds, Spiral Steps, Lintols, Cills, Coping and Specialist Castings.